Mr Karri is regularly featured in the media for his medical acumen and plastic surgery expertise.

WATCH: Pre Op, Post Op and Recovery – Body-jet Water Assisted Liposuction for Lipoedema

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The patient in our videos undertook Body-jet Water Assisted Liposuction for lipoedema at The Karri Clinic. She had stage 3 lipoedema and as a result her legs and ankles were extremely large. These three videos show Mr Karri discussing the patient pre op, post op and recovery straight after the surgery.

Facelift Surgery – Creating an Inconspicuous Scar and Sedation Anaesthesia

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An inconspicuous and well hidden facelift scar teamed with quick recovery time are two of a patients main concerns before facelift surgery. Mr Karri discusses both...

‘Sock It!’ to Lymphoedema for Lymphoedema Awareness Week

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As part of Lymphoedema Awareness Week, we at The Karri Clinic decided to join the battle to raise awareness and take part in the 'Sock it!' campaign.

Lymphoedema Awareness Week 2019 – What is Lymphoedema?

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Your lymphatic system carries fluid and harmful substances through your lymph vessels, which lead to lymph nodes. The waste is then filtered out by lymphocytes — infection-fighting cells that live in your lymph nodes — [...]

Everything you need to know about… a Tummy Tuck

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If you’re unhappy with your tummy and want to have a contoured, tighter abdomen, then a tummy tuck might be the procedure you’re looking for.

WATCH: BBC Lipoedema Feature

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It's with pleasure we report that the BBC ran a feature on lipoedema this weekend. Mr Vasu Karri is the leading lipoedema specialist in the UK, having received advanced training from some of the leading specialists from around the world. A huge advocate for raising awareness of the condition, Mr Karri performs hundreds of lipoedema surgeries each year.