At The Karri Clinic we recognise cost is an important factor when considering cosmetic surgery. We are proud to offer a very competitive pricing structure and the prices below are a guide to what one should expect.

For those patients wishing to undergo a combination of procedures, a personalised price will be provided after consultation with Mr Karri.

Procedures at The Karri Clinic (figures correct for 2017). All procedures performed under local anaesthetic and sedation where appropriate. For revision procedures a higher cost can be expected, which reflects the more complex surgery involved.


Price from
One lip £1,400
Two lips £2,000

Bodyjet treatment

Excessive armpit sweating £1,800


Breast uplift (periareolar) £2,700
Inverted nipple correction (unilateral) £750
Inverted nipple correction (bilateral) £1,200
Liposuction and fat grafting to breasts £4,500


Direct brow lift £1,900
Lateral brow lift £1,995
Upper blepharoplasty £2,750
Lower blepharoplasty £3,350
Upper & lower blepharoplasty £4,950
Hi-SMAS facelift & necklift £7,200
Fat grafting to face £3,000
Necklift £5,200
Fat grafting to hands £3,000
Fat grafting to face & hands £5,400
Split earlobe repair (unilateral) £500
Split earlobe repair (bilateral) £950
Ear plug repair (unilateral) £800
Prominent ear correction (bilateral) £2,500

Body Contouring

Mini tummy tuck £4,700
Liposuction 1 area £2,500
Liposuction 2 areas e.g. both love handles, hips, abdomen £3,800
Liposuction 3 areas e.g. love handles, hips, knees £4,900


Mole / skin lesion excision (1-only, no histology) £350
Mole / skin lesion excision (2-only, no histology) £525
Scar revision Cost depends on size
of scar/nature of surgery

Hernia Repair (Performed by Mr Hemadri)

Inguinal hernia repair £1,990


 Price from
Breast enlargement £4,500
Augmentation-mastopexy £6,200
Mastopexy £5,500
Breast reduction £6,000
Gynaecomastia £5,300

Body Contouring

Brazilian abdominoplasty (Lipo-abdominoplasty) £6,500
Fleur-de-lis abdominoplasty (after massive weight loss) £6,900
Abdominal liposuction £4,800
Liposuction – one area £2,700
Liposuction – two areas (eg. arms, medial knees) £4,000
Liposuction – three areas (eg. hips, thighs, knees) £5,200


Hi-SMAS Facelift/necklift £7,000
Hi-SMAS Facelift/necklift & facial fat grafting £8,200
Lower blepharoplasty £3,300
Upper & lower blepharoplasty £4,500
Prominent ear correction (bilateral) £2,500
Endoscopic brow lift £4,500
Fat grafting to face (GA) £3,200

If the procedure is not listed, please contact us and we can let you know what the cost will be.