Mr Karri is regularly featured in the media for his medical acumen and plastic surgery expertise.

Before and After A Brazilian Tummy Tuck

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Our patient here underwent a Brazilian Tummy Tuck at The Karri Clinic. She had a fantastic result after a combination of comprehensive abdominal liposuction, tightening of abdominal muscle and removal of excess skin.

Facelift & Neck lift Performed under Sedation Anaesthesia

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What a transformation! Our patient looks absolutely fantastic following her facelift and neck lift performed by Mr Karri at The Karri Clinic. Refreshed and with a newly defined jawline and neck, these combined procedures have [...]

Before & After: A Post Childbirth Tummy Tuck Surgery

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After having children, our patient was unhappy with her perceived ‘flabby’ stomach. Mr Karri performed a tummy tuck to create a tighter, more defined abdomen. The results are wonderful, and the patient was extremely happy.

Facelift Scars – Mr Karri’s Almost Invisible Method

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Mr Karri very carefully plans each of his facelifts to ensure that the facelift scars are barely visible. Many patients are, understandably, concerned about the visibility of scars and the potential for their hairline to change. Mr Karri closes the facelift incisions with extremely fine sutures and staples and never shaves any hair.

Ankle Contouring (Cankles) at The Karri Clinic

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Swathes of women (and men) are unhappy with the size and shape of their ankles, and often they come to The Karri Clinic requesting Mr Karri's help to redefine and shape their cankles. This particular patient was unhappy with the fat around her ankles, and so after a consultation to check there were no other underlying health problems, Mr Karri undertook ankle (cankle) contouring to give them a new, slim shape.

Before and After an Areola Reduction by Mr Karri at The Karri Clinic

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Your areolas are the pigmented areas surrounding your nipples. Like breasts, areolas vary widely in size, colour, and shape. It’s perfectly normal to have large or differently sized areolas, but if you’re uncomfortable with the size of your areolas, a reduction is entirely possible and a relatively simple surgery.