Everything you need to know about… a Tummy Tuck

If you’re unhappy with your tummy and want to have a contoured, tighter abdomen, then a tummy tuck might be the procedure you’re looking for.

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15 Minutes After Lipoedema Liposuction – A Patient Testimonial

15 minutes after undertaking lipoedema liposuction around her knees, our patient talks to surgeon Mr Karri about how she feels post surgery. Ann had her surgery at The Karri Clinic, and says she feels 'shockingly wonderful' just 15 minutes after coming out of her operation. When asked about her pain level, Ann says it's 'less [...]

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Before and After A Brazilian Tummy Tuck

Our patient here underwent a Brazilian Tummy Tuck at The Karri Clinic. She had a fantastic result after a combination of comprehensive abdominal liposuction, tightening of abdominal muscle and removal of excess skin.

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Before & After: A Post Childbirth Tummy Tuck Surgery

After having children, our patient was unhappy with her perceived ‘flabby’ stomach. Mr Karri performed a tummy tuck to create a tighter, more defined abdomen. The results are wonderful, and the patient was extremely happy.

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Before and After an Areola Reduction by Mr Karri at The Karri Clinic

Your areolas are the pigmented areas surrounding your nipples. Like breasts, areolas vary widely in size, colour, and shape. It’s perfectly normal to have large or differently sized areolas, but if you’re uncomfortable with the size of your areolas, a reduction is entirely possible and a relatively simple surgery.

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Mummy Makeover Breast Enlargement & Brazilian Tummy Tuck | Before & After Photos

Mummy makeover results are often rather incredible, and the confidence boost felt by patients is frequently life-changing. Below, Mr Karri performs a mummy makeover on a 46-year-old patient who has had two children. She will have a breast enlargement and liposuction on her abdominal area. Watch until the end for before and after pictures!

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Before and After – Upper Blepharoplasty & Lower Eyelid Phenol Peel

Our lovely patient was unhappy with her hooded upper eyelids, which she believed made her eyes look small. Mr Karri undertook an upper blepharoplasty and lower eyelid phenol peel.

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Breast Enlargement Before and After – A Lovely Natural Look

There's nothing better than the post-op reaction of a patient who is delighted with the outcome, is there? Our patient underwent breast enlargement with Natrelle CHP-345cc round implants placed in the sub glandular plane (on top of the muscle) - they look lovely and natural on her slim frame, and she was over the moon. 

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Before and After – Eyelid Surgery and Phenol Peel Under Sedation

Our patient underwent a combination procedure of lower eyelid lift (lower blepharoplasty) and a phenol peel. The surgery was performed under sedation anaesthesia as a daycase at the Clinic. She wanted to rejuvenate her face and particularly the dark under eye area, and she looks fantastic.

Video and images: Mini Tummy Tuck and Bi Lateral Mastopexy (Breast Lift)

This week was another busy surgery schedule at The Karri Clinic, but we just wanted to share a few of pictures from one of our 'combination' surgeries, a 'mummy makeover' which included a breast lift and mini tummy tuck

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