Everything you need to know about… a Tummy Tuck

If you’re unhappy with your tummy and want to have a contoured, tighter abdomen, then a tummy tuck might be the procedure you’re looking for.

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Symmetrising Breast Reduction Following Cancer Surgery & Brazilian Tummy Tuck

Our patient came to The Karri Clinic to see Mr Karri as she was very unhappy with her uneven breasts and abdominal overhang. Her uneven breasts were the result of previous breast cancer treatment.

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Before and After A Brazilian Tummy Tuck

Our patient here underwent a Brazilian Tummy Tuck at The Karri Clinic. She had a fantastic result after a combination of comprehensive abdominal liposuction, tightening of abdominal muscle and removal of excess skin.

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Brazilian Tummy Tuck – Before and After

This lady underwent Brazilian tummy tuck, which involves a combination of abdominal liposuction, tightening of abdominal muscles and removal of excess abdominal skin. It was a brilliant result as can be seen from the images...

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LIVE SURGERY | Fleur de LIs Tummy Tuck by Mr Vasu Karri

There is no bigger feeling of accomplishment than losing a dramatic amount of weight, whether through diet and exercise or after bariatric (weight loss) surgery. Unfortunately, after shedding a large number of pounds, inches of sagging skin may still remain - this excess skin often acts as a reminder of a patient's previous larger shape and can make them unhappy, especially when no amount of time in the gym will be able to rid the frame of this stretched, lifeless tissue.

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Daddy Makeover! Male Breast Reduction and Brazilian Tummy Tuck

This gentleman was unhappy with his 'breasts' and abdomen. As can be seen from the before image, he previously had abdominal surgery and was left with an unsightly scar in the lower abdomen.

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Video and images: Mini Tummy Tuck and Bi Lateral Mastopexy (Breast Lift)

This week was another busy surgery schedule at The Karri Clinic, but we just wanted to share a few of pictures from one of our 'combination' surgeries, a 'mummy makeover' which included a breast lift and mini tummy tuck

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Before and After – A Brazilian Tummy Tuck by Mr Karri

Our patient below underwent a Brazilian tummy tuck, performed by Mr Karri. The before and after images show how dramatic transformations can be, especially in heavier patients. Take a look...

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