Am I suitable for lipoedema liposuction?

Lipoedema patients with Stage 2 or 3 disease are ideally suited for lipoedema liposuction. For those with Stage 1 disease, Mr Karri prefers to take a 'wait and watch' approach and review you on an annual basis. If the disease progresses i.e. legs increase in size or, pain develops or worsens, then lipoedema liposuction can [...]

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Is wearing a compression vest necessary after gynaecomastia surgery?

Wearing a high-quality compression vest after gynaecomastia surgery is almost as important as the surgery itself. The vest minimises swelling and bleeding, and helps the skin contract and adopt the new contour. As a result the chest appears more defined and masculine. There is no guarantee the chest skin will completely tighten but wearing the [...]

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What are the reasons for breast implant removal?

There are many reasons why women opt have their breast implants removed. These include; To improve appearance of augmented breasts if there is significant sagging or loss of volume. Breasts that have been enlarged with implants can still change shape as a result of natural ageing or weight gain/loss. In this situation, the breast implants [...]

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Is gynaecomastia surgery right for me?

The only way to find out if gynaecomastia surgery is right for you is to have a consultation with Mr Karri. Determining your suitability for surgery will depend on many factors including your BMI, overall health and quality of your skin. The best candidates for liposuction / gland removal are those who have good skin [...]

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