WATCH: BBC Lipoedema Feature

It's with pleasure we report that the BBC ran a feature on lipoedema this weekend. Mr Vasu Karri is the leading lipoedema specialist in the UK, having received advanced training from some of the leading specialists from around the world. A huge advocate for raising awareness of the condition, Mr Karri performs hundreds of lipoedema surgeries each year.

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Surgery Day, Before & Afters, Pre Surgery Videos & the Aftermath – Hollie’s Lipoedema Journey

Hollie provided us with some of the most poignant snapshots of her journey before, during and after her surgeries, showing the realities of pre-surgery nerves, the liposuction itself and what to expect afterwards. This blog serves as a fantastic way for those considering surgery to gather yet more information - and as we all know, information is power! Enjoy, and thank you so much Hollie for sharing your most intimate moments.

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My Lipoedema Journey – a Patient’s Story from Katie Crossland

Katie’s lipoedema story is, unfortunately, fairly typical of a lot of the women we see at The Karri Clinic. She first recognised her legs were bigger than her peers around the age of 12/13 years old and became self-conscious during PE lessons. From then, her legs began to get bigger, despite being active and healthy...

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Living with Lipoedema – Karen Windsor’s Story…

Karen Windsor was finally diagnosed with lipoedema in 2015, after an earlier diagnosis of lymphoedema in 2005 masked the condition. Anger and a feeling of hopelessness after further diagnosis in 2016 finally gave way to a revelation that something had to change. Her story is one of hope and relentless determination, it's well worth a read...

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