Facelift Surgery – Creating an Inconspicuous Scar and Sedation Anaesthesia

An inconspicuous and well hidden facelift scar teamed with quick recovery time are two of a patients main concerns before facelift surgery. Mr Karri discusses both...

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Facelift & Neck lift Performed under Sedation Anaesthesia

What a transformation! Our patient looks absolutely fantastic following her facelift and neck lift performed by Mr Karri at The Karri Clinic. Refreshed and with a newly defined jawline and neck, these combined procedures have taken years off her. The surgery was performed by Mr Karri under sedation anaesthesia, meaning she was able to go [...]

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Facelift Scars – Mr Karri’s Almost Invisible Method

Mr Karri very carefully plans each of his facelifts to ensure that the facelift scars are barely visible. Many patients are, understandably, concerned about the visibility of scars and the potential for their hairline to change. Mr Karri closes the facelift incisions with extremely fine sutures and staples and never shaves any hair.

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An Amazing Transformation – Facelift, Necklift & Phenol Peel

Our patient complained that she looked 'old and tired' and wanted full rejuvenation of her face. She underwent a facelift, necklift and phenol peel, all performed under sedation and as a daycase procedure at The Karri Clinic - she looks absolutely incredible! Whenever a patient comes in for a consultation, Mr Karri is thorough in [...]

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WATCH: Mr Karri Performs His Innovative Waterjet Facelift

This video has to be one of our favourites. Showing Mr Karri performing his innovative Waterjet Facelift for a patient. This lady was unhappy with the appearance of her face, specifically her jowls, lack of definition of her jawline and her lower face merging in with her neck.

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Everything you Need to Know About… Getting a Facelift

At The Karri Clinic, we believe in being completely honest and upfront about all our procedures, including cost, recovery time, benefits, risks and surgery options. We have created this blog post for anyone who is considering a facelift but wants to know more about the procedure before going further.

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