WATCH: BBC Lipoedema Feature

It's with pleasure we report that the BBC ran a feature on lipoedema this weekend. Mr Vasu Karri is the leading lipoedema specialist in the UK, having received advanced training from some of the leading specialists from around the world. A huge advocate for raising awareness of the condition, Mr Karri performs hundreds of lipoedema surgeries each year.

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15 Minutes After Lipoedema Liposuction – A Patient Testimonial

15 minutes after undertaking lipoedema liposuction around her knees, our patient talks to surgeon Mr Karri about how she feels post surgery. Ann had her surgery at The Karri Clinic, and says she feels 'shockingly wonderful' just 15 minutes after coming out of her operation. When asked about her pain level, Ann says it's 'less [...]

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WATCH: Patient Maureen Speaks About her Lipoedema surgery with Mr Karri

The best thing I've ever done. It has changed my life.'Mr Karri is amongst the leading surgeons in the UK for the treatment of lipoedema, treating hundreds of patients each year at The Karri Clinic. here, our patient Maureen talks to Mr Karri about how she feels post lipoedema surgery. 

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Before and After: Arm Lift on a Patient with Type IV Stage II Lipoedema

Our patient had Type IV Stage II lipoedema and underwent an arm lift (Brachioplasty) under Mr Karri. Not only can you see the dramatically different look of her arms following the lift, but Mr Karri also took great care to ensure that the scars were not readily noticeable with the patient's arms down by her side...

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Life with Lipoedema, an Inspiring Patient’s Story – Margaret Walden

Margaret Walden, 51, a Karri Clinic patient and lipoedema sufferer, bravely told us her story about life with the debilitating condition and, now, following surgery, about how she truly feels she has got her life back...

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Living with Lipoedema- Beth W-B, Life After Surgery…

Beth W-B is a lipoedema sufferer typical of many ladies we see at The Karri Clinic. She spent decades without a diagnosis, and was left in debilitating pain and exhaustion which affected every area of her life. Beth had lipoedema liposuction surgery under Mr Karri, with 4.5 litres of fat removed. Read more...

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30 Facts About Lipoedema for Lipoedema Awareness Month

Lipoedema is a condition still shrouded in misconception, with misdiagnosis from healthcare professionals still common, and many women suffering for years before a diagnosis is made. As part of Lipoedema Awareness Month, we decided to dispel many of these myths, plus start to educate members of the public about lipoedema with 30 facts about the [...]

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WATCH: Mr Karri explains the characteristics of lipoedema, plus live WAL surgery

In this video, Mr Karri explains the typical characteristics of a patient with lipoedema, whilst also discussing the problems lipoedema causes and the frequent misdiagnosis by healthcare professionals. The end of the video shows live surgery using Water Assisted Liposuction (WAL).

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Mr Karri Appears on a BBC Short Documentary Raising Awareness of Lipoedema

It was a privilege for The Karri Clinic to be part of a BBC short documentary that followed the journey of one of our inspirational lipoedema patients, Hollie Gregerson, as she prepared for and undertook surgery for the disease. Watch it, inside...

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