WATCH: Pre Op, Post Op and Recovery – Brachioplasty (Arm Lift)

Watch as Mr Karri undertakes a bi lateral brachioplasty (arm lift) on our patient who suffers from Type IIII Lipoedema. Over the course of the four videos below, Mr Karri uses water assisted liposuction (WAL) under sedation anaesthesia to remove excess fat from the patients arm.

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Facelift Scars – Mr Karri’s Almost Invisible Method

Mr Karri very carefully plans each of his facelifts to ensure that the facelift scars are barely visible. Many patients are, understandably, concerned about the visibility of scars and the potential for their hairline to change. Mr Karri closes the facelift incisions with extremely fine sutures and staples and never shaves any hair.

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Ankle Contouring (Cankles) at The Karri Clinic

Swathes of women (and men) are unhappy with the size and shape of their ankles, and often they come to The Karri Clinic requesting Mr Karri's help to redefine and shape their cankles. This particular patient was unhappy with the fat around her ankles, and so after a consultation to check there were no other underlying health problems, Mr Karri undertook ankle (cankle) contouring to give them a new, slim shape.

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Daddy Makeover! Male Breast Reduction and Brazilian Tummy Tuck

This gentleman was unhappy with his 'breasts' and abdomen. As can be seen from the before image, he previously had abdominal surgery and was left with an unsightly scar in the lower abdomen.

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Before and After – A Brazilian Tummy Tuck by Mr Karri

Our patient below underwent a Brazilian tummy tuck, performed by Mr Karri. The before and after images show how dramatic transformations can be, especially in heavier patients. Take a look...

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WATCH: What Happens When You Come for a Lipoedema Consultation at The Karri Clinic?

WATCH: What Happens When You Come for a Lipoedema Consultation at The Karri Clinic? Often patients are nervous about booking to have a consultation, but this is the very best time to find out everything you wish to know about your condition and the possible treatment options.

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WATCH: Mr Karri explains the characteristics of lipoedema, plus live WAL surgery

In this video, Mr Karri explains the typical characteristics of a patient with lipoedema, whilst also discussing the problems lipoedema causes and the frequent misdiagnosis by healthcare professionals. The end of the video shows live surgery using Water Assisted Liposuction (WAL).

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Define Your Lower Limbs with Lower Limb Liposculpture at The Karri Clinic

Mr Karri is one of a few Plastic Surgeons who has contoured the legs of hundreds of women. His unique approach to restoring the natural curves and balance between the hips, thighs and legs ensures women achieve a result that is defined and natural. There is little room for error given the legs are often exposed to the world.

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Tummy Tuck Daycase at The Karri Clinic

For selected patients – such as the lady pictured - Mr Karri performs full tummy tucks under sedation anaesthesia as a daycase procedure at The Karri Clinic, meaning patients are able to go home the very same day.

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Unique Gynaecomastia (Male Breast) Surgery Using the Invisible Scar Technique at The Karri Clinic

Mr Karri has developed a unique technique for gynaecomastia surgery that involves removing the excess breast tissue via a small incision in the armpit. As a result, there is no visible scar on the chest and the risk of the nipple / areola becoming tethered to the chest muscle is also greatly reduced...

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