15 minutes after undertaking lipoedema liposuction around her knees, our patient talks to surgeon Mr Karri about how she feels post surgery. Ann had her surgery at The Karri Clinic, and says she feels ‘shockingly wonderful’ just 15 minutes after coming out of her operation.

When asked about her pain level, Ann says it’s ‘less than one’ on a scale of one to ten.

Discussing her pre surgery worries, Ann said she was unsure about how painful it would be, would she feel lightheaded and when she would be able to return to her normal life.

She also noted that the general anaesthetic was the best she has ever had.

Giving advice to those who suffer from lipoedema, Ann suggests getting as much education as you can and to listening and following the advice of excellent professional around them.

To find out more about lipoedema or to arrange a consultation with Mr Karri contact The Karri Clinic by emailing enquiries@thekarriclinic.co.uk or calling 01482 976 980.