Why Choose The Karri Clinic

Meet Mr Karri

Mr Vasu Karri is an internationally-recognised Plastic Surgeon located in Willerby, East Yorkshire. He is well known for his personal approach to patient care and is committed to patient safety, which is a reflection of his extensive training and professional experience.

He ensures every patient receives a tailor-made surgical plan that takes into account their pre-existing natural beauty, aesthetic or reconstructive goals and lifestyle. Hundreds of patients report how Mr Karri’s surgery has restored their confidence and transformed their lives.

What sets Mr Karri apart from his peers is his attention to detail and desire to provide consistent results. If he feels your aesthetic or reconstructive goals are unachievable, he will tell you frankly and discuss alternatives. Mr Karri is always available to discuss your concerns prior to surgery.

Mr Karri strives to ensure every patient is fully informed and prepared for their treatment.
A patient who is informed is, in Mr Karri’s opinion, the most content and happy. His ultimate objective is your satisfaction.

Individualized Attention

Mr Karri has a reputation for going above and beyond for his patients, which is why so many of his existing patients return for more surgery or refer their family and friends.

During your consultation, Mr Karri will take as much time as necessary to go through your options and what to expect. The day after your surgery, a member of our staff will phone you to check on your progress and answer any concerns you may have about your recovery.

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Why Choose a Plastic Surgeon on the GMC Specialist Register

Being a Plastic Surgeon on the GMC specialist register requires substantial surgical training. Mr Karri underwent 6 years of plastic surgery training after 4 years of basic surgical training, plus he spent an additional year obtaining his Masters in Surgical Science.

Although many surgeons perform cosmetic surgery, they may not have had specialised or in-depth training in these techniques. Performing a plastic surgery procedure after a weekend training course is not the same as spending many years training in plastic surgery.

Outcomes from plastic surgery is directly related to surgical volume. A surgeon will get more skilled at an operation the more times they perform it. Mr Karri is a firm believer in this principal, and has chosen to focus on sub-specialties within his practice.

When you are researching possible surgeons, search for someone who has a lot of training and expertise in the surgery you are considering, as well as someone who performs the surgery often.

Talk to Mr Karri about what you want to achieve and your concerns.

Why Choose The Karri Clinic

We understand that the decision to have plastic surgery is a huge decision and it’s essential you have confidence in Mr Karri and our staff to deliver.

At The Karri Clinic you will find;

  • Mr Karri is Consultant Plastic Surgeon on the GMC Specialist Register. He is double international-fellowship trained, with over 15 years’ experience in plastic surgery.
  • Our staff are caring, well-trained and personable. They are committed to supporting you at every stage of your treatment and ensure you have the best experience.
  • Mr Karri has performed thousands of operations with excellent results, on patients from all over the UK and abroad. Through this invaluable experience, he has acquired the skills necessary for even the most challenging and complex cases.
  • The clinic is located in a quiet, private location with free parking.
  • Apersonalized approach in which Mr Karri personally meets with each patient before and after surgery.
  • Mr Karri’s philosophy for cosmetic surgery is to create natural results that enhance your own beauty, thereby enhancing your body-confidence.
  • Safety is our number one concern. In addition to our adherence to CQC regulations, we deliver an excellent level of care and service.

We here for you and focussed on helping you reach your goals.

The best way to find out if The Karri Clinic is a good fit for you is to book a consultation with Mr Karri. Call us today on 01482 976980 to book a consultation.