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Revision Policy for Plastic / Cosmetic Surgery at The Karri Clinic

  1. Revision surgery for the purpose of this policy is defined as surgery to correct undesirable sequelae of plastic surgery.
  2. Although good results are expected after plastic surgery, there are no guarantees with the final outcome. There are many factors beyond the surgeon’s control that influence the final outcome. In some cases, revision surgery may be required and this does not necessarily mean the surgery was unsuccessful or the result would have been better with another surgeon.
  3. There is no such thing as perfection, perfect symmetry, perfectly smooth contours, absence of scars, guarantee of bra cup size after breast surgery, or expected weight loss or change in clothing size after body contouring surgery.
  4. There are many reasons why a result may be less than ideal and include (but are not limited to);
    • Poor healing ability – some patients do not heal as well as others and this may be related to smoking, poor diet, medications and genetics
    • Poor scar formation – some patients are prone to developing thick or raised scars (keloid or hypertrophic scars) and this is often related to genetics
    • Poor skin quality – some patients have poor skin quality, especially those who are older, experienced massive weight loss, have been on long term steroids, have sun damaged skin, smokers and women who have had multiple pregnancies
    • Weight fluctuation or pregnancy after surgery
    • Effect of gravity over time
    • Poor blood circulation – some patients have poor circulation that can lead to delayed wound healing and poor scar formation
    • Obesity
    • Failure to follow post op instructions – such as not protecting the surgical site, not keeping the surgical site clean, not wearing compression garments, returning to exercise too soon and not using recommended topical treatments
    • Revision surgery – repeated surgery on the same body part
  5. If a patient requests revision surgery, they must do so in writing to The Karri Clinic, either by letter to;The Karri Clinic
    Suite 2A Albion Mills
    Albion Lane
    East Riding of Yorkshire
    HU10 6DNOr by email to ( within 3 months after their initial surgery date.
  6. Upon receipt, The Karri Clinic will arrange for the patient to have a ‘revision surgery consultation’ with Mr Karri within the following 3 months, to discuss their concerns and devise an action plan if needed. This revision surgery consultation may take place at the same time as a routine follow-up consultation.
  7. Patients will be required to attend the consultation in person. If the patient requests a virtual consultation, it will only be permissible at the discretion of Mr Karri.
  8. If the patient is not available to attend a revision surgery consultation within the 3 after notifying The Karri Clinic, an alternative date beyond 3 months will not be offered and there will be no further input from The Karri Clinic or Mr Karri.
  9. If Mr Karri is not available for the revision surgery consultation within the 3 months, the time limit will be extended accordingly and at the discretion of The Karri Clinic.
  10. In preparation for the revision surgery consultation, patients may be required to send photographs of the area of concern.
  11. As part of the revision surgery consultation, Mr Karri may discuss;
    a. Were the patient expectations realistic? – Although plastic surgery has the ability to be life-changing and produce transformative results, there are some limitations to what it can accomplish.
    b. Has the patient given enough time for healing? – At The Karri Clinic, patients are required to wait at least 6-12 months after their surgery before they can have revision surgery.
    c. Was the poor result a consequence of surgeon error and not normal body changes? – Results may change over time due to normal body changes.
    d. Were the post-op instructions followed? – If it is clear that the patient did not follow the post-op instructions, revision surgery may not be offered.
  12. At the revision surgery consultation, Mr Karri will discuss the risks and benefits of revision surgery and whether it is in the patient’s best interests. Patients will be advised that revision surgery has limitations and the outcome may not be achievable.
  13. Mr Karri may decline revision surgery if the risks outweigh the benefits or the outcome is limited by the quality of the tissues. Patients will be advised that there are no guarantees with the outcome of revision surgery.
  14. For minor revisions performed at The Karri Clinic under local anaesthetic, the clinic typically waives all fees. Below are examples of such surgery;
    • Correction of ‘dog ears’
    • Excision of a suture sinus
    • Correction of ‘pixie ear’ deformity after facelift
    • Correction of minor irregularity after liposuction
    • Re-sizing one areola to match the other after breast reduction
    • Re-application of phenol peel to a small area
  15. Patients that request surgical revision of stretched, thickened or unsightly scars under local anaesthetic at The Karri Clinic will be charged a clinic fee of £100. The surgeon’s fee will be waived.
  16. For revisions performed at The Karri Clinic under sedation anaesthesia, a clinic fee and anaesthetic fee will be payable. Mr Karri may also charge a surgeon’s fee and this will be at his discretion.
  17. For all revision surgery, regardless of whether it is done under local anaesthetic or sedation, patient’s travel, accommodation or other expenses will not be reimbursed.
  18. Revision surgery must be performed within 12 months of the revision surgery consultation (see No. 6).
  19. If the patient declines a date for revision surgery, The Karri Clinic will endeavour to find another suitable date, within the 12-month limitation (see No. 17). If the patient declines the alternative date, then no further dates will be offered and the offer of revision surgery withdrawn. Patients that decline dates for revision surgery because of work or personal circumstances will not get priority over other patients, unless there are exceptional circumstances and at the discretion of The Karri Clinic.
  20. Once accepted, if the patient subsequently cancels their revision surgery within 2 weeks of the agreed date for a non-medical reason, an alternative date will not be offered and the offer of revision surgery withdrawn.
  21. Once accepted, if the patient subsequently cancels their revision surgery within 2 weeks of the agreed date for a medical reason, a medical certificate or letter from their GP, or other supporting evidence must be provided. Upon receipt, The Karri Clinic will endeavour to find another suitable date for the revision surgery. The 12-month limitation may be extended by 12 weeks.
  22. As a guide, below are examples of surgery that is not deemed to be revision and will attract the fees normally associated with the procedure;
    • Redo fat grafting
    • Reducing the size of the areola that has stretched after primary breast enlargement
    • Capsular contracture surgery
    • Breast enlargement following dissatisfaction with initial breast lift
    • Replacement of breast implants for a different size / shape / profile
    • Redo lipoedema or cosmetic liposuction because of dissatisfaction with cosmetic result or patient feels insufficient volume of fat was removed
    • Redo tummy tuck following pregnancy, weight gain or development of loose skin
    • Removal of loose skin that has subsequently developed weeks/months after body contouring surgery
    • Conversion of a standard / Brazilian tummy tuck to a fleur de lis tummy tuck, when a fleur de lis tummy tuck was initially recommended by Mr Karri

The Karri Clinic reserves the right to decide on the application of the Revision Policy on an individual basis.