Every review we receive is hugely important to our small but thriving clinic. Some though, really stand out and truly remind us why we love what we do. This review from our wonderful lipoedema liposuction patient was left on RealSelf earlier in the week – and we’ve shared across the entire business because we’re so proud of Mr Karri and the rest of the team. Remember, if you do want to book in for a consultation about any of the procedures we offer, we’re just a phone call (01482 976 980) or an email (info@thekarriclinic.co.uk) away!

I have had three surgeries with Mr Karri for lipoedema. Surgery 1- legs, Surgery 2- legs and surgery 3- legs and arms.

After having my first consultation with Mr Karri, I knew that he would be the person I wanted to operate in my lipoedema. Before meeting him I had given up any hope that this problem would ever be solved. My legs and arms seemed to be getting more and more painful and were ever increasing in size.

Emotionally, I had lost my sparkle, my confidence was at an all-time low – it was truly a desperate situation for me. Mr Karri is incredibly professional but also has a very ‘humanistic’ and compassionate side. Throughout my surgery journey, he has been fantastic, to be honest, without coming to see him for that first consultation I have no idea where I would be right now.

He will always remain someone I hold in such high esteem because he has made my life so much better. I have fully functioning arms and legs that look fabulous and are specifically sculpted to match my individual body frame. My scarring is almost invisible and I’ve been very lucky as my skin tone has recovered well too. Without a doubt, he is a very skilled surgeon who is creating life-changing results for women like me with lipoedema.

I have visited other surgeons prior to meeting Mr Karri and they have been nowhere near as helpful with one actually saying to me ‘There is nothing I can do with THAT’. Anyone with lipoedema will know that actually showing someone your legs is incredibly difficult but Mr Karri made it such a breeze. Dignity is very important to me and throughout this journey I have always had this left fully intact.

Mr Karri is very honest and he will tell you what is needed for your personal condition. We have discussed final steps for my personal condition and have decided to have some more time to get well before rushing ahead. If Mr Karri doesn’t believe an operation will be of significant benefit to you he certainly will not encourage it. I cannot recommend this gentleman more highly and am so grateful that he was able to make my life so much better.

Do not hesitate to book in for a consultation if you have lipoedema because you’ll be treated kindly, respectfully, skilfully and have outcomes better than you could believe.