We love it when patients are so happy with their results that they offer up the before and after pictures for our blog and social media. It’s perhaps even more gratifying when those results may look minimal to others but mean so much to the individual in question. Why? Because choosing to have surgery is about YOU, and you alone. if you’re unhappy and you have the means to change something (big or small), then why not?

Cankles 1

Our patient here was a lady who was unhappy with her ‘cankles’. A daycase procedure later, and a little dash of waterjet liposuction surgery magic by Mr Karri, and she was over the moon with them. They are quite lovely if we do say so ourselves.

That’s what it’s all about.

Got something you’d like to change (big or small)? Why not make a consultation, talk to Mr Karri, get all your facts straigh and options outlined and then decide whether it’s for you. Email info@thekarriclinic.co.uk or call us (we’re very friendly!) on 01482 976 980