Our patient below underwent a Brazilian tummy tuck, performed by Mr Karri. The before and after images show how dramatic transformations can be, especially in heavier patients.

Tummy Tuck 3

Mr Karri is renowned for performing all types of tummy tucks, the sort of which is determined following a consultation to look which tummy tuck procedure would result in the best outcome for the patient. For many patients, the Brazilian tummy tuck can be performed as a daycase procedure by Mr Karri, meaning the patient can go home the very same day. Mr Karri often performs Brazilian tummy tucks in the heavier patient, and his special technique ensures quick recovery and less risk.

Tummy Tuck 2

Needless to say, the patient pictured here was delighted with the finished result, and we’re so happy she chose The Karri Clinic for her surgery. To find out more about tummy tucks, or to organise a consultation with Mr Karri about any procedure you might be considering, please give us a call at the Clinic on 01482 976 980 or email us info@thekarriclinic.co.uk.