If you ask Mr Karri what makes beautiful looking legs, he’ll tell you it’s all about curves and harmony.

Many women come to The Karri Clinic looking to improve the appearance of their legs. They may dislike their thick ankles, commonly known as cankles, their heavy thighs or rounded knees.

Mr Karri is one of a few Plastic Surgeons who has contoured the legs of hundreds of women. His unique approach to restoring the natural curves and balance between the hips, thighs and legs ensures women achieve a result that is defined and natural. There is little room for error given the legs are often exposed to the world.

The numerous testimonials he receives is a reflection of the high satisfaction women report after their leg contouring surgery.

Mr Karri’s lower limb liposculpture is performed under sedation anaesthesia as a daycase procedure. Patients benefit from going home the same day.

Lower-limb-liposculpture at The Karri Clinic

Our patient in this blog was absolutely delighted with the result and personally, we think she looks incredible.

If you want to see more before and after images of lower limb liposculpture at the Karri Clinic, click here.

To discuss lower limb liposculpture with Mr Karri simply email us on info@thekarriclinic.co.uk or call us direct on 01482 976 980.

The Karri Clinic Team