The Karri Clinic is now the only clinic outside London offering patients access to lipogems – a pioneering rejuvenative treatment developed in Milan, Italy, by plastic surgeon Professor Carlo Tremolada. The procedure helps those suffering from acute knee pain or osteoarthritis and involves removing adipose tissue from the patient’s abdomen under local anaesthetic, harnessing the healing capabilities of the body’s own fat reserves.

These cells, which are known to encourage tissues to repair and regenerate, are injected into the area requiring treatment, such as the knee, and provide exceptionally quick recovery time, allowing patients, whether they are older people, former elite athletes or just someone living with joint problems, to return to a fit and active lifestyle without major discomfort or lengthy recovery time. It’s a real miracle.

If you would like to speak to Mr Karri about the possibility of having lipogems therapy then you can get in touch via the website or by calling us to organise a consultation on 01482 976 980.