Our patient complained that she looked ‘old and tired’ and wanted full rejuvenation of her face. She underwent a facelift, necklift and phenol peel, all performed under sedation and as a daycase procedure at The Karri Clinic – she looks absolutely incredible!

Whenever a patient comes in for a consultation, Mr Karri is thorough in determining which procedures will have the best impact and outcomes for the patient. Combined procedures are often much more effective than just one, or sometimes patients come in believing they need one procedure, only to find out it may not be necessary and something different or less invasive will give a better result.

Facelift phenol peel 2

Mr Karri has created his own phenol peel that reduces wrinkles and tightens skin. Unlike laser treatment for wrinkles, a phenol peel has a shorter recovery and less risk of hyperpigmentation and is ideal for treating all facial wrinkles, you can read more about the procedure, here. 

If you want to discuss facial rejuvenation and the different options available to you, get in touch to book a consultation by emailing info@thekarriclinic.co.uk or calling 01482 976 980.