Local Anaesthetic Inguinal Hernia Repair

Inguinal hernias are the most common type of hernias, occurring predominantly in men. They appear as a lump in the groin because of bowel protruding through a defect or weakness in the anterior abdominal wall muscles. Certain activities, such as lifting heavy weights, coughing and constipation can cause a hernia to develop.

Inguinal hernias do not spontaneously heal and are more likely to enlarge and become painful. The greatest concern with inguinal hernias is the risk of a segment of bowel becoming stuck in the hernia resulting in it’s blood supply being compromised and possible death of that bowel segment. This is known as a strangulated hernia and is a surgical emergency that warrants immediate surgery.

Patients with an inguinal hernia typically complain of a dull discomfort in the groin that may worsen as the day goes by and improves when lying down.

At The Karri Clinic inguinal hernias are repaired using an open, tension-free mesh repair, all under local anaesthetic. The cost of unilateral inguinal hernia repair starts from £2000. This is an all-inclusive cost and includes clinic and surgeon fees, as well as medications and follow up. 

The operation takes approximately 45 minutes and patients are surprised to learn that they can walk out after the surgery, usually after two hours.

Tension free mesh repair of inguinal hernia involves a small incision in the groin skin crease, identification of the hernia sack and repair of the abdominal wall weakness with a mesh. This technique has been standard practice for many years.

At The Karri Clinic we are delighted to offer inguinal hernia repair under local anaesthetic because of the multiple benefits it offers;

  • Patients avoid the risk of general anaesthesia
  • The unpleasant recovery from general anaesthesia is avoided
  • Surgery is quick
  • Surgery is affordable, thereby allowing many to avoid the long NHS waiting list


At The Karri Clinic we have streamlined the assessment process to determine if patients are suitable for the surgery. As such, your initial assessment can be performed entirely over the telephone, thereby saving you an initial visit to East Yorkshire.

Why choose The Karri Clinic for your local anaesthetic inguinal hernia repair?

  • Highly experienced consultant
  • No waiting list
  • Can walk out after 2 to 3 hours
  • Affordable cost


Other hernias that can be treated at The Karri Clinic include umbilical hernia, femoral hernia, and epigastric hernia.

Umbilical Hernia

An umbilical hernia is a weakness that develops in abdominal wall through, and around, the belly button. A sack, containing fat or bowel, pushes through that weakness, sometimes causing the belly button to adopt an ‘outie’ appearance.

These hernias can get larger over time and become more uncomfortable. Umbilical hernias in adults do not improve over time and run the risk of becoming stuck (known as incarceration).

Umbilical hernia repair can also be performed under local anaesthetic and involves placement of a mesh over the site of the hernia to strengthen the weakened area. The mesh reinforces the weakened area and helps prevent the hernia from recurring.