Your lymphatic system carries fluid and harmful substances through your lymph vessels, which lead to lymph nodes. The waste is then filtered out by lymphocytes — infection-fighting cells that live in your lymph nodes — and ultimately flushed from your body.

Lymphoedema occurs when your lymph vessels are unable to adequately drain lymph fluid, usually from an arm or leg. Lymphoedema can be either primary or secondary. This means it can occur on its own (primary lymphedema), or it can be caused by another disease or condition (secondary lymphedema). Secondary lymphoedema is far more common than primary lymphoedema.

From 3rd-9th March, The British Lymphology Society is holding ‘Lymphoedema Awareness Week 2019’ to spread awareness and knowledge about this disease. The Karri Clinic is supporting the campaign by taking part in the popular ‘Sock it’ campaign and sharing information from the BLS.

What is Lymphoedema?

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Please do share this blog post to spread awareness of lympoedema. If you wish to glean more information about the disease, you can visit the British Lymphology Society website here.