‘Growing up, I always had bigger legs than my friends. I got called a few names like treetrunk legs or elephant legs. My Mum had big legs, as did my Auntie and my Grandma, so I just accepted that was the way it was’ 

Margaret Walden, 51, a Karri Clinic patient and lipoedema sufferer, bravely told us her story about life with the debilitating condition and, now, following surgery, about how she truly feels she has got her life back. After years of just ‘living with it’, Margaret finally found out about lipoedema in her 40’s.


This video is part of our Lipoedema Awareness Month campaign and many women living with the condition have come forward to try and spread the word about what is still a vastly misdiagnosed condition. Regularly, ladies suffering from lipoedema have been told they are simply ‘obese’ or ‘need to lose weight’ – though it is known that lipoedema is largely diet and exercise resistant.

Thank you so much, Margaret, I hope your story inspires others with lipoedema to have the strength to get a proper diagnosis.

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Lipoedema is an extremely personal condition and we feel very lucky that these ladies are sharing their journey’s with us.