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This week was another busy surgery schedule at The Karri Clinic, but we just wanted to share a few of pictures from one of our ‘combination’ surgeries, a ‘mummy makeover‘ which included a breast lift and mini tummy tuck. Our patient travelled all the way from Buckinghamshire to have surgery under sedation with Mr Karri, she actually set off at 3am to get here for her morning surgery.

Our lovely patient previously had breast implants elsewhere but disliked them enough to have them removed, something which was done by Mr Karri a few months ago. Mr Karri advised she wait a while to allow her skin to return to normal before further surgery.  As expected, the lady was left with stretched skin and she wanted a simple lift to remove regain her shape.

IMG 9959

Mr Karri undertaking a mini tummy tuck

IMG 9965

Disengaging the belly button

Whilst under sedation, she decided to have a mini tummy tuck, which Mr Karri also performed, removing a significant amount of stretched skin from her abdomen as well as disengaging and moving the belly button. What an incredible figure she has ended up with. As with all surgery scars, these will fade significantly in time, and the tummy tuck scar has been positioned low so she can wear swimwear and underwear without any visibility.

IMG 9981

Half way through the mastopexy

IMG 9985

Completed mastopexy and tummy tuck