At The Karri Clinic, one of our most requested procedures is the ‘mummy makeover’ – a combination of tummy tuck and breast surgery. Often, the ladies who come to us for this procedure have been through childbirth, or they have undergone weight loss leaving them with excess skin or deflated breasts. Mr Karri discusses at length the outcomes each patient wishes to see from their surgery, advising on the best size and shape implants and the abdominal surgery that will give them the best result.

Mummy makeover results are often rather incredible, and the confidence boost felt by patients is frequently life-changing. Below, Mr Karri performs a mummy makeover on a 46-year-old patient who has had two children. She will have a breast enlargement and liposuction on her abdominal area. Watch until the end for before and after pictures!

If you wish to have a consultation with Mr Karri about a mummy makeover or a single procedure, simply email us or call us on 01482 976 980.