Katie’s lipoedema story is, unfortunately, fairly typical of a lot of the women we see at The Karri Clinic. She first recognised her legs were bigger than her peers around the age of 12/13 years old and became self-conscious during PE lessons. From then, her legs began to get bigger, despite being active and healthy.

A diagnosis of endometriosis made Katie feel extremely low, her legs were swelling daily, especially at night. During pregnancy, Katie gained weight due to steroids and her legs also significantly increased in size. She describes the feeling around her ankles as ‘like having fishing wire tied around them’. Despite numerous trips to the GP, Katie was constantly told that there was nothing that could be done, so she started doing her own research.

She came across Lipoedema UK and emailed pictures of her legs – they responded saying that she should try to get a referral to a lipoedema clinic. During the time waiting for her referral, Lipoedema UK suggested Katie went to see Mr Karri, and it was at this time, in October 2016, that Katie finally got a diagnosis, she had Stage 2/3, Type 4 lipoedema.

Katie spent years unable to do things like play properly with her son or bath him, but she’s since had her first lipoedema surgery with Mr Karri in May 2018.


Thank you so much, Katie, for sharing your story, we really hope it inspires more women to keep pushing for a diagnosis