Are you looking for a treatment to reduce your facial wrinkles?

Have you tried other treatments and been disappointed with the results?

If there was a treatment that could dramatically improve your facial wrinkles and sun spots, and has relatively short downtime, would you be interested?

 If the answer to the questions above is yes, then a phenol peel may be the solution for you.

Vasu Karri is one of only a very small number of surgeons to perform Phenol peels, and the procedure has staggering effects.

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Before and After a Facelift, Neck lift and Phenol Peels at The Karri Clinic

What is a Phenol peel?

A phenol peel is the most powerful chemical peel available and is great for treating multiple fine wrinkles, sun spots and discoloured patches. The peel strength lies in its main ingredients, which are phenol (also known as carbolic acid) and croton oil. The peel penetrates deeply into the skin and strips away the outer layer which is replaced by new skin. It also causes more collagen production, and these two effects have a profound effect on wrinkles.

The effects of phenol peel are cumulative. Repeated sessions, spaced out between months, are recommended for optimal results.

A phenol peel should only be performed by a medical doctor such as a Dermatologist or Plastic Surgeon in a medical facility.

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Before and After a Phenol peel under the eyes

What to expect during and after a phenol peel

A full face phenol peel is performed under light intravenous sedation. Immediately afterwards the face is covered with a tape mask that is removed the following day. For the next week, the face is kept moist by frequently applying a wet flannel and Aquaphor cream. The peeling process is quite quick and usually complete by 7-10 days.

Who should avoid a phenol peel?

A phenol peel is not suitable for those with a darker complexion or those who have sensitive skin that is prone to inflammation.

How long is the recovery time?

For the vast majority the patients, the peeling process is complete by 10 days. After this time, makeup can be applied to the face without any issues.

The facial skin will be pink at first but settles over the next 6-8 weeks.

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Phenol peel around the mouth

Do I need multiple treatments?

One of the great advantages of phenol peel over laser treatment is that in the majority of cases only one treatment is required to achieve a dramatic improvement.

What are the risks of a phenol peel?

Every chemical peel is associated with certain risks and those associated with phenol peel include infection, scarring, hypo / hyperpigmentation, milia (small, bump-like cysts found under the skin), inability to tan and cardiac toxicity.

It is very important to follow post-peel instructions to get the best result.

If you would like to find out more information on phenol peels, or if you want to organise a consultation with Mr Karri at The Karri Clinic or Kinvara Private Hospital, simply email or call the team on 01482 976 980.