Hollie is a Karri Clinic patient who inspired hundreds of women to question whether they might have lipoedema – and whether there was anything they could do about it – after she took part in a short BBC documentary which followed her as she underwent her first liposuction surgery for lipoedema with Mr Karri.

Now two surgeries down, Hollie considers herself as someone who is now living life ‘after lipoedema’ – and her before and after shots show just how much of a difference it has made, not only to the appearance of her legs but to her attitude to life and the things she is now able to do with ease.

Hollie provided us with some of the most poignant snapshots of her journey before, during and after her surgeries, showing the realities of pre-surgery nerves, the liposuction itself and what to expect afterwards. This blog serves as a fantastic way for those considering surgery to gather yet more information – and as we all know, information is power! Enjoy, and thank you so much Hollie for sharing your most intimate moments.

Hollie before her lipoedema liposuction surgeries:

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Four short videos showing Hollie talking candidly about her feelings about her legs, her relief at her diagnosis with lipoedema and her decision to undertake surgery with Mr Karri: 

Mr Karri discussing Hollie’s surgery on the day: 

Hollie's lipoedema liposuction day

Pictures before, during and after the surgery: 

Lipoedema surgery


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Life after Lipoedema… 

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Thank you so much, Hollie, for sharing so much about your journey. We know (because patient’s tell us) that you’re an inspiration to many, and the reason a lot of women have continued to hound their GP’s and medical professionals for a lipoedema diagnosis.