Gynaecomastia (US spelling gynecomastia) commonly referred to as ‘moobs” or ‘man boobs’ refers to enlargement of the breasts in a male. The enlargement may be due to excess breast tissue itself, excess fat or a combination of both. There are many causes of gynaecomastia, including hormone imbalance, steroids, excess alcohol, certain drugs and weight gain.

Gynaecomastia is also commonly seen in infancy, puberty and old age.

Approximately 90% of adolescents develop gynaecomastia but it usually resolves with maturity. In approximately 10%, however, the condition continues into adulthood as gynaecomastia

When men suffering from gynaecomastia come and see us at The Karri Clinic they often report a feeling of embarrassment and lack of confidence. Some men report a history of bullying and teasing, or even their intimate relationships being affected.


The traditional technique for gynaecomastia surgery involves removing the excess breast tissue through an incision at the lower border of the areola. This may be combined with liposuction to ensure the chest has a smooth, defined contour.

The downside with this technique is that the scar may be very visible and the nipple / areola becomes tethered to the chest muscle, giving rise to an abnormal, ‘operated’ look.

To address these issues, Mr Karri has developed a unique technique for gynaecomastia surgery that involves removing the excess breast tissue via a small incision in the armpit. As a result, there is no visible scar on the chest and the risk of the nipple / areola becoming tethered to the chest muscle is also greatly reduced. For some men, Mr Karri may also perform liposuction of the chest using water-assisted liposuction (Bodyjet), to ensure a sculpted result.

Many men are also delighted to learn the entire surgery can be performed at The Karri Clinic under sedation anaesthesia as a daycase procedure.

The results are quite incredible, as you can see from the images in this post – can you spot the scar?


If you would like to discuss gynaecomastia surgery with Mr Karri then please do get in touch via the website or by calling us direct on 01482 976 980. We’d love to hear from you.

The Karri Clinic team