In this four part video series, watch as Mr Karri talks us through lipoedema liposuction surgery for our patient, a lady with advanced Stage 3 lipoedema.

Part One – Pre Op

In the first of four videos, Mr Karri is seen showing us his patient, a lady with advanced, Stage 3 lipoedema. She shows all the classic symptoms of the disease, including ankle (cankle) deformity, pre-tibial fat pads, her knees are encased in fat and her feet are spared. She has no pitting edema and column like lower limbs. The first stage of her operation will see Mr Karri liposuction from her ankles to her mid thighs.

Part Two – Marking Up

In the second of our four videos, Mr Karri is about to start the operation on his patient, a lady with stage 3 lipoedema. he has marked out the areas for liposuction, including the ankles both medial and lateral, the pre-tibial fat pads, inner knees and suprapatellar region. This patient’s biggest problem is her inability to bend her knees, so Mr Karri is keen to pay attention to this area.

Part Three – Right Leg Complete

The right leg is now finished and Mr Karri has liposuctioned from the ankles to the suprapatellar region and saddlebags. Skin is all that remains. This patient had particularly painful knees and was unable to kneel down and move comfortably up stairs. By debulking the knee region and removing this firm fat, it should improve her knee range of motion.

Part Four – Operation Complete

The operation is now complete, taking around two hours. The legs are now completely deflated. Next, the team will put the he patient into her compression garments and once recovered she will leave. She has had a total of 5.2 litres of fat removed and for a lady of this age and stage of lipoedema, this is an appropriate and safe amount to remove.

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