Don’t be fooled by the catchy sound bite – Goldilocks Anaesthesia is proving a truly revolutionary reform of anaesthesia. It bases itself on providing just the right amount of anaesthetic to each patient – and this ‘not too much or too little’ approach allows patients to undergo procedures without pain, in greater safety and without the usual ‘anaesthetic hangover’ which often includes nausea or sickness.

Apparently, we’re all about ‘getting over, going under’ – and 2017 saw a significant increase in our number of day cases at The Karri Clinic, with more patients opting for the likes of facial rejuvenation including facelifts under this sort of anaesthetic. If you would like to discuss the day case procedures available at The Karri Clinic, or to book a consultation with Mr Karri, then simply call us direct on 01482 976 980 or submit a form via the website, here.