The patient in our videos undertook Body-jet Water Assisted Liposuction for lipoedema at The Karri Clinic. She had stage 3 lipoedema and as a result her legs and ankles were extremely large. These three videos show Mr Karri discussing the patient pre op, post op and recovery straight after the surgery.

Lipoedema Liposuction – Pre Op

In this first video, Mr Karri introduces us to his patient, a lady with Stage 3 Lipoedema. Her legs are extremely large and Mr Karri will be using Body-jet Water Assisted Liposuction which uses a high pressure water to break up the fat, he will be working from the ankles to just above the knees. This surgery is done under sedation anaesthesia, which means the patient will be completely comfortable throughout and able to make a quick recovery post op.

Lipoedema Liposuction – Post Op

In this video, Mr Karri is seen with his patient straight after her first operation for Lipoedema liposuction using Body-jet Water Assisted liposuction. Both legs have now been treated with Body-jet Water Assisted Liposuction, and Mr Karri shows how he can now pinch the loose skin after a significant amount of fat has been broken down and removed.

This patient will now be put into her compression garments which she will wear for six weeks day and night except for showering.

Lipoedema Liposuction – Recovery

In this video, Mr Karri is seen with his lovely lipoedema liposuction patient in one of the The Karri Clinic’s recovery rooms, straight after her Body-jet lipoedema liposuction surgery.

The patient is wearing her full length compression garments which run up to her hips. The compression garments have been wrapped in absorbent sheets which will absorb all the fluid injected as part of the surgery – this is all completely normal.

Just minutes after surgery, the patient doing incredibly well and is comfortably sipping away on her Lucozade. She describes her pain as a very manageable four out of ten. She will rest for a short while before the team get her up on her feet and walking.

Mr Karri is one of the most well-renowned and respected surgeons for Lipoedema liposuction in the UK. To find out more about treatment for lipoedema at The Karri Clinic visit click here or email us, or call the team on 01482 976 980.